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FREE – Adaptive Cooking Class!

November 19th 4-5:30 pm  |  7138 Windsor Blvd Woodlawn, Md

Regain your independence, learn ways to adapt cooking to your needs in this seminar…

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Is a stroke, MS, Parkisons, or some other disability holding you back from cooking?




November 19th

Tuesdaya from 4:00-5: 30 pm


Therafit Rehab

7138 Windsor Blvd.
Windsor Mill, Md


This Workshop is for you if…


You MISS cooking or have lost the ability to cook for yourself.

You are LIMITED in the kitchen due to your disability.

You don’t have TONS OF MONEY to spend renovating your kitchen to your needs.

You feel UNSAFE or UNBALANCED to make a meal at home alone.

A WHEELCHAIR is limiting your ability to cook.

You want to be more INDEPENDENT with cooking.

You want to LEARN how to make meals for yourself and not depend on others to help you.

“Do you miss cooking?”


“You hate depending on others to prepare your meals?”

If this sounds like you, then you’re not going to want to miss this seminar where we will be helping you to gain independence in the kitchen.

Many people we have helped in the past with this seminar think that there was no reason to even try. They felt hopeless and as if they would never be able to cook again.

And if you have already experienced something like a stroke or MS it is easy to put cooking for yourself on the backburner.

BUT, with some practice and these techniques that we are going to teach you, you might be surprised at what you can do for yourself!

Many of our clients say things to us like:

“I am terrified of falling while trying to cook”


“I will never be able to cook for myself again”

Living in fear can be devastating. Many of our patients loved to cook for their families and themselves.

However, living with bad balance or a lack of standing endurance can significantly impact your life. It makes many of the things you love much harder or even impossible to do!

Have you ever been told or thought… 

Many of our patients do mention their concerns to their friends, maybe family, and sometimes even doctors. Often times, they are met with the same responses; pity and little to no advice or recommendations.

So, they continue to accept the fact that there is nothing they can do.  This can create bad habits because doing nothing often leads to more caregiver dependence.

If you don’t know what you’re doing then trying to fix it on your own or listening to others can be very frustrating.

The Workshop Will Cover… 

The top things that could impact your ability to cook for yourself.

How to help a “fear of falling” while cooking.

Affordable or even free things you can do to adapt your kitchen to suite you.

The #1 way to increase your independence in the kitchen for good!

About The Presenters

Kara Kikuta Occupational Therapist Woodlawn Md

Kara Kikuta, Occupational Therapist, Adaptive Cooking Extraordinaire 

Kara is the Occupational Therapist of our Woodlawn, Maryland location. She is a Mountaineer graduate from West Virginia University and a licensed and registered Occupational Therpaist. She is Brain Injury Specialist and Neuro-INFRAH certified. She is passionate about helping people gain back their indepence in the house and become more self confident. She loves her amazing husband, two kids, and anything outdoors!

What Our Patients Are Saying About Us…

  • This is my second go round of occupational therapy Kara is tough but affective. She has definitely helped me and I have recommended my friend to Therafit!

    Shahada hottahada Avatar Shahada hottahada
    November 14, 2022

    The PT and OT therapists are wonderful.

    ElizabethV Poole Avatar ElizabethV Poole
    October 14, 2022

    The staff at the Woodlawn location is great

    Elma Myles Avatar Elma Myles
    October 14, 2022

    I love this place my daughter comes for Ot and speech

    irree sabaa Avatar irree sabaa
    August 14, 2022
  • I recommend this place to everyone looking for a speech therapist. My 4 year old son speech has gotten so much better since he has attended this location . ... Read More

    Ashy Ash Avatar Ashy Ash
    July 14, 2022

    Very patient, explains everything in a way you will understand, your goals become their goals and they will work with you to meet those goals

    Deasja Banks Avatar Deasja Banks
    July 14, 2022

    First time here and was amazed with our therapist Hailey. She was very good with the assessment and working on a plan for the best possible outcome with threapy. ... Read More

    Phillip Lee Avatar Phillip Lee
    July 14, 2022

    I have had therapy at other facilities for ongoing MS issues, but this facility far exceeds any either place, specifically in terms of professionalism, effectiveness and attention. The therapy... Read More

    Betty Ann Gibbs Avatar Betty Ann Gibbs
    July 14, 2022