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Fitness Therapy

The Fitness Therapy program offers members one-on-one assistance with our certified Fitness Therapists to provide a continuum of care when insurance has been exhausted. We customize members’ exercise program based on individual needs, abilities, and goals. We monitor progress at every session, coaching members to new and exciting levels of mobility and greater independence.

Fitness therapy can be a flexible way to maintain progress in times when therapy may not be appropriate. All of our disciplines work together to provide exceptional care. The fitness therapy program is overseen by the physical therapy department.

Please note that Fitness Therapy is NOT covered by private, state, or federal insurance companies. However grants are available, for more information and to see if you qualify please contact our billing department at 410-415-1992.

Therafit Foundation

TheraFit Foundation (a non profit 501(c) 3 organization) sponsors our fitness/maintenance program through grants, corporate sponsors and fundraisers to offer low membership fees. You can visit their website at www.therafitfoundation.org for more information or if you wish to donate. All proceeds go towards their mission of creating Accessible, Affordable, and Adaptive gyms for people with disabilities.