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Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy program services children and adults with a wide variety of disabilities or conditions, including stroke, cerebral palsy, a traumatic brain injury and more. Our speech-language pathology (SLP) treatment is the newest service that we offer.

It is restorative and compensatory in focus, aiming to improve impaired function via re-training with selected hierarchical exercises, as well as compensate for deficits that are not amenable to re-training.

Have a look at the speech therapy services we offer, all with the Therafit Rehab personal touch provided by our certified speech-language pathologists.

Swallowing Training

  • Mobile FEES (swallowing) studies
  • General safe-swallowing strategies
  • Swallowing compensatory techniques
  • Swallowing strengthening techniques and maneuvers
  • Recommendations for the safest and least restrictive diet texture or consistency

Improving Memory

  • Scaffolded exercises
  • Training in internal short-term memory enhancing techniques (e.g. visual imagery, association, grouping)
  • Training in external memory aids and tools (organizer, alarms, memory notebooks, assistive technology tools)

Cognitive Retraining and Cognitive Strategy Training

  • Development of visual cues and graphic/print supports
  • Education and training in strategies to improve attention and information processing (e.g. paraphrasing, re-auditorization, environmental modifications, and active listening strategies)
  • Word-finding treatments including semantic feature analysis, response elaboration training and self-cueing strategies

Improving Functional Communication

  • Training in speech intelligibility and voice strategies, such as pacing and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Training in the use of gestures and other symbolic means of communication

The services above help us to correct or improve some of these common speech problems or symptoms that we see:

  • Issues with swallowing
  • Problems with memory or cognition
  • Expressing needs or wants
  • Difficulty finding words
  • Difficulty with communication

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can help, call today to set up a FREE Discovery Visit and speak with a Speech Therapist today!

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