Speech Therapy For Adults and Pediatrics


Therafit Rehab | Woodlawn, MD

Helping People With:

  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Memory & Focusing Problems
  • Speech Issues
  • Mobile FEES (Swallowing) Studies
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Therafit Rehab offers speech therapy to adults and pediatrics.

Speech Therapy
Woodlawn, MD


Helping People With:

  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Memory & Focusing Problems
  • Speech or Swallowing Issues
  • Mobile FEES (Swallowing) Studies

Outpatient Speech Therapy Serving Adults and Children

WAIT… Are You Looking for a Speech Therapist You Can Trust?

Therafit Rehab in Woodlawn, Maryland, is an Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Facility serving greater Baltimore, Randalstown, Catonsville, Pikesville, and Arbutus that offers one-on-one (1-on-1) speech therapy sessions in a supportive environment to help you improve your issues with enunciation or volume speaking, stuttering, aphasia, dysphagia, cognitive functioning, and aspiration, without drugs and without surgery.

Our 3 Specialties To Improving Your Life


Are you or your child struggling with daily activities, maybe due to trouble remembering things, stuttering or aphasia? Or maybe you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury or a stroke, or you’ve endured a chronic condition, like Parkinson’s disease or autism? You’re not alone. That’s what makes Therafit Rehab unique… We help kids, adults, and seniors that come from all walks of life. While each patient may have similar struggles, every journey is different.

We start by listening to your story, goals and struggles through an initial evaluation. Our specialists can help you step-by-step with personalized physical, occupational and speech therapy programs to help you achieve your health goals and become a better you.


Communicate Better

Therafit Rehab offers speech therapy to adults and pediatrics.


Regain Strength & Mobility


Improve Daily Activities

Balance Problems, Unsteady Walking, Fall Risk

Are You Tired Of Feeling
Like You’re Missing Out?”


It can seem pretty defeating to always feel like you’re at a disadvantage. For some this could be trouble remembering things, struggling to recall words or simply swallow food. Perhaps your child does not speak appropriately for his/her age. Others may be suffering from an illness or injury that’s preventing you from enjoying the simple joys of everyday life. We’ve encountered HUNDREDS of different uphill battles that our patients experience, who may be just like you… Someone who may be feeling embarrassed or too stubborn to ask for help. Maybe you’ve tried to improve your health or overcome your challenges on your own. Unfortunately, it only leaves you with asking yourself the same question…


“What Is Wrong With Me?”


Does That Sound Like You?


The truth is, nothing is wrong with you, nor your child. You just need some help. Whether that’s improving your word recall and being able to communicate better. Or maybe you need some help with swallowing technique or enunciation.

Not every patient we care for has suffered from a serious illness or injury… but almost ALL of our patients understand the importance of being able to accept help. However, in years past… it hasn’t always been easy to get the right help you need (or deserve).


How to Find The Right Help…


If you’re reading this you are clearly interested in bettering yourself and getting back to the things you used to do. If you’re like all the other people that we have helped get back to doing the things they love, then right now you feel hopeless. Like the system has failed you. And that is because it has!

Doctors are restricted in the amount of time they can spend with you because of the current health care systems and large corporate restrictions. And there is no one else to fill the gap to get you the support and help you need. Doctors are forced to self refer to other large corporate clinics who further the headaches and broaden the lack of support.

This is why Therafit Rehab in Woodlawn, MD, isn’t your typical Speech Therapy Clinic. We’re unique because we’re fully equipped with the three most important keys to therapeutic treatment and care.

Which are:

  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Professional Therapists
  • Activity-Based Programs

This probably has you wondering…

“So, How Do We Do This?”

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How It Works


Even though you may have specific needs, we always start with an initial evaluation to address your unique goals. Some patients are suffering from chronic illness, while you may just need help with basic daily function. Consistency and support are very important to us. Which is why we like to help each patient with a treatment plan that works for you and meets you where you’re at now.

Which leads to our third step of maintaining. Once we help you achieve your goal, we want to make sure you maintain the healthy, enriched lifestyle that we all crave. A life full of the things we love and we want you to finally be capable and able of living that life without feeling dependent or stressed.

3 Simple Steps To Get Started


Initial Evaluation

Address Your Unique Goals

Therafit Rehab offers speech therapy to adults and pediatrics.

Treatment Plan

Personalized Care

Therafit Rehab offers speech therapy to adults and pediatrics.

Improved Health

Achieve Your Goals

Therafit Rehab offers speech therapy to adults and pediatrics.

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What Happens if You Don’t Get Help?


It’s fairly common to feel like you can regain your independence on your own. For some, trying to manage your health alone may work. However, the result of not getting help could lead to declining memory, a poor diet, or feeling more isolated because of troubles communicating. If you’re already experiencing any of those struggles, then it’s important for you to take action now!

We like to remind our patients this…

“If you’re currently suffering then you already know the result of not getting help… more SUFFERING. Therefore, reaching out for help is ALWAYS a great first step.”

Without the proper treatment and support, you may struggle with things like:






Instead, Imagine If…


You were able to eat and communicate MUCH easier than before. Imagine being able to get off of a modified diet, chew and swallow the food you used to love, and tell everyone how delicious your meal was. When you’re frustrated, you’ll likely feel stressed which can lower your energy and make you feel helpless. Imagine starting your day feeling more alive and well with enough energy to not just make it through the day, but to enjoy your day, too.

And one more… How incredible would it feel to finally be able to say “YES!” to your children or grandchildren when they ask to play with you?

When you receive the proper support both physically and mentally from our experienced and caring speech therapists, life becomes much more enjoyable. You’ll be able to enjoy the things you love the most, without depending on others or feeling isolated.

Speech therapy can help you or your child in many ways, but the most important ways that we can help you become a better you are:





Therafit Rehab offers speech therapy to adults and pediatrics.

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What Past Patients Have Said
About Therafit Rehab…


Claudine Biddison

I have completed quite a bit of my occupational and physical rehab to overcome my MS at Therafit. Their expertise in neurological conditions is exceptional and the therapists work hard to ensure their patients get the best therapy and program to meet their needs. This rehab center is one of a kind! Truly a hidden gem in the cockeysville area!

Donna McVoy

“I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. I have 3 grandchildren that I stopped watching and playing with shortly after my diagnosis. Therafit has helped me gain the confidence and strength I needed to be able to get back to playing and now even watching them for short periods of time by myself!! What a joy it has been to be with them.”

Daniel Murphy

“I came to Therafit looking for a new wheelchair. Not only was their team very knowledgeable on the different chairs available but moreover they fought with the insurance companies to get me a lightweight chair that my wife could get into and out of the car easily.  After a great experience with the wheelchair, I have now started Physical and Occupational therapy and feel that I am getting stronger and more flexible.”

#1 Speech Therapy Clinic In Maryland

Communicate Better

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