Durable Medical Equipment

Therafit DME is a provider of Durable Medical Equipment. We are dedicated to helping individuals get the equipment they need. We specialize in adaptive therapeutic equipment including the Quadriciser, gait trainers, standers, hoyer lifts, wheelchairs, and much more. Please contact Justin Gilligan for more information at 410-871-2494.

Our Adaptive Equipment

The Quadriciser

Our most unique piece of equipment, The Quadriciser, is a full body workout. It is passive/active in the sense that the patient can work with the machine for a more active workout, or they can let the machine work and become totally passive. The concept of this machine is that it utilizes repetitive motions to help retrain the brain and muscles. Grip assist gloves are available and can help support even the most involved individual.



The Rifton Pacer

This gait trainer is renowned for its modular design, durability, and flexibility. When appropriately supported and positioned in a Pacer, patients obtain the security they need to practice walking.



The Rifton TRAM

The Rifton TRAM combines three powerful functions in one device: gait training, sit-to-stand transfers, and seated transfers. This device is very unique and gives patients a secure environment.



The Easystand Glider

The Evolv Glider is a sit to stand full supportive standing device. It allows the user to move the glide handles with their arms which creates a reciprocal movement in their legs.



The Up N’ Go

This device combines the best features of traditional gait trainers and partial weight bearing “lifters”. The Up N’ Go gives dynamic support in walking and is fully adjustable to the patients needs.



Body Weight Support System

The body weight support system is a fully supportive gait training harness that can fully support a patient if necessary. Research shows that Locomotor training can lead to improvements in over-ground walking in individuals who have movement in their legs.