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Our Physical Therapists provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and help prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of members suffering from injuries or disabilities. They can help restore, maintain and promote overall fitness and health.

Our Physical Therapists will evaluate the patient then develop an individualized activity-based therapy program based on individual needs, abilities and goals. We strive to increase cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and coordination.

Our rehabilitation therapists are dedicated to providing exceptional care in a professional atmosphere. They are constantly challenging patients to reach new goals. Some of the interventions provide include but are not limited to:



Dry Needling

This is a service provided by a certified Physical Therapist. Dry needling is the process inserting a acupuncture needle (or filiform needle) into muscles. Specifically, the needle is placed directly into trigger points in muscles. This is a gentle procedure that can help eliminate pain associated with muscular related pain and trigger points. We can also utilize needling in the neurological population for patients that have constant spasms that lead to painful muscle contractions that result in trigger points. Many times individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injuries, and Cerebral Palsy can benefit from this procedures.



Locomotor Training

Locomotor Training is an intervention in which a patient is suspended into the air over a treadmill in a body weight support system. The therapist then helps facilitate the progression of the leg(s) on the treadmill at a slow speed. This procedure helps to retrain the brain how to move again. The therapist mimics the normal gait sequence with the patient helping to initiate as well.



Quadriciser Patterning

Patterning is the theory that by performing a movement repetitively and at high RPMs we can stimulate neuroplasticity. By utilizing the Quadriciser (pictured above) we can perform upper and lower extremity repetitive movement that simulates the natural patterns of walking.

These are just some of the tools that our therapist use to help our patients progress towards their goals. Please note that Physical Therapy is covered by most private insurance companies and Medicare & Medicaid. For more information and to see if you qualify please contact our billing
department at 410-415-1992.


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