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  Cerebral Palsy

  Spina Bifida

  Physical Disabilities

  Traumatic Brain Injury


  Pediatric Stroke

  Equipment Needs

(Wheelchairs, AFOs, Gait trainers, Standers)

  Sports Injuries

  Toe Walking

  Intellectual Disabilities


  Sensory Processing

  Developmental Delays

  Infant Torticollis 

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Exclusive Rehab Equipment

Finding the right devices or equipment to help your child progress can be hard…

With an endless amount of equipment and treatments on the market, it can be daunting to find what is right for your child.

Don’t worry, we have put in the hours upon hours finding the best equipment to get your child sitting, balancing, standing, then walking.

What’s Your Childs Main Goal?

We relate our pediatric physical therapy goals to specific things that your child’s interests are. Then we relate our treatments specifically to those interests. This makes it fun for them and almost seems like playing instead of therapy.

We want you involved too! We will not just tell you, “wait in the waiting room and then we will be back with them later”. Instead, we encourage parents and caregivers to get involved, as long as it is appropriate.

We teach you things like how to stretch, how to get your child into functional play positions, and even how to help improve their balance in sitting and standing while at home.

Chances are you may have also been told things like “your child will never be able to walk” or “they will always need to use the wheelchair or walker” and I am here to tell you that it might NOT be true! You can never underestimate a child’s ability, and plenty of our kiddos have learned to walk when otherwise told they couldn’t.

Our brains are so remarkable and have the ability to make new neural pathways (this process is called neuroplasticity) when given a task in response to learning or a new experience.

This process allows us to not only focus on how to compensate for something but instead how we can strengthen or learn new tasks!

Using these styles of therapy along with making therapy fun and exciting is what makes our program so successful!

Check out this video below of Jackson’s Nerf Battle during therapy:


Does This Sound Like You?

When it comes to raising a child with special needs, everyone wants to know

“Is my child progressing as best they can?”…


“Am I doing a good job helping them?”

If you’re like most people reading this, you are clearly interested in helping your child become more active, mobile, and independent. If you’re like all the other parents that we have helped, then right now you feel hopeless and lost. Like the system has failed you. And that is because it has!

Doctors are restricted in the amount of time they can spend with you because of the current health care systems and large corporate restrictions. And there is no-one else to fill the gap to get you the support and help you need. Doctors are forced to self refer to other large corporate clinics that further the headaches and broaden the lack of support.

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FREE Report: 7 Essential tips for helping your child with special needs. Discover how to improve balance and walking in children affected by CP, TBI, Spina Bifida, or other developmental or physical disabilities. Help gain coordinated movement through fun activities at home. If you are looking for something more than just compensatory strategies and stretching then use the link to download your FREE report now…

It Takes Time And Repetition… 

Kids average anywhere from 8,000-10,000 steps per day. While they are learning to walk, the average toddler falls 17 times per hour. For kids that are more sedentary, it can be very difficult for them to get the practice they need and without the proper equipment (like what is pictured above).

As children get older their muscles will continue to get tighter (from lack of use or stretching and increasing tone) which can lead to more difficulty walking or learning to walk.

Furthermore, if your child has tight legs, hips, or ankles it may not be too late to reverse it! If left untreated this can lead to extensive muscle lengthening surgeries or worse a fused joint that will never get the range back it once had.

The Problem

Before we start any type of treatment we need to identify your child’s root problem. This is the most crucial part of any recovery! So many times the underlying problem is not identified correctly. Our providers will help determine the root cause of the problem!

The Solution

Once our therapist identifies the root cause of your problem, we will begin working on the solution. We have numerous revolutionary treatment techniques to improve speech, cognition, communication, and swallowing.


Achieving your child’s goals is awesome, but “How Do I Maintain It?” is one of our most frequently asked questions. The goal during this phase is to create a program that you (with your child) can do from home or start in a maintenance therapy program where we can occasionally keep an eye on your child!


Having trouble TRANSFERRING your child from the wheelchair to the bed

Your child is in need of foot or hand BRACES

Your Child needs help WALKING and you want to find the best assistive device for them

Their muscles are tight and joints have limited RANGE OF MOTION

Sitting and standing BALANCE is poor and need they often need support

Your Child can only walk very short distances before feeling EXHAUSTED


He or She wants to be more INDEPENDENT

Of course, there are many other things that we can help with.  These are just some of the problems that we have experienced the best results. If one of these descriptions comes close to what your child is experiencing then take action now! Before it gets any worse, see a Pediatric Therapist Now!

There are things we can do now to better your child’s strength, balance, flexibility, core mobility, balance, and walking!










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We have been doing this for years and are a specialized pediatric physical therapy clinic. And in this FREE phone consult, we will talk about things that they are having trouble with and then GOALS to overcome them and get them moving towards a more active and independent life. This is a phone consult with our BEST PEDIATRIC PHYSICAL OR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS and offers you ADVICE on the spot to start getting you towards your goals.

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