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Maintenance Therapy

We never give up on our patients, even if you hit an extended plateau during rehabilitative therapy.

You are not doomed to a discharge and subsequent decline in your condition.

Therafit Rehab provides maintenance therapy, which represents medically reasonable and necessary treatment by or under the supervision of a qualified therapist that prevents or slows a decline in the patient’s condition.

Medicare Covers It

Medicare provides coverage for maintenance therapy as a result of a Jan. 24, 2013, settlement in the U.S. District Court case of Jimmo vs. Sebelius. The settlement states, among other things, that Medicare coverage for skilled therapy does not turn on the presence or absence of a patient’s potential for improvement from the therapy, but rather on the patient’s need for such skilled care.

Note that services that can be performed by you, a caregiver, a family member, etc., do not qualify as covered maintenance therapy by Medicare.

Transitioning to Maintenance Therapy

If our therapists’ professional opinion holds that a discharge from therapy will bring about a decline in your condition, we will not let that happen to you. We will evaluate you, write a letter of medical necessity (LMN), and work with your doctor to secure approval.

We treat maintenance therapy like our various forms of rehabilitative therapy (physical, occupational, speech, etc.). Our therapists will establish and execute a plan of care for you. You won’t face your chronic or neurological condition alone.

Other candidates for maintenance therapy include people that are awaiting surgery. For example, maintenance therapy can help a knee or hip replacement prospect to build or maintain strength in his/her lower extremities.

Overall, sometimes patients hit a plateau during treatment, but that does not translate to an imminent discharge and subsequent decline in condition. Therafit Rehab’s maintenance therapy program provides the medically reasonable and necessary care to help you maintain your current condition or prevent a decline.

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