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TheraFit Rehab – Towson, MD

Physical Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Speech Therapy

About the Team

The TheraFit Rehab Team of Towson, Maryland, is very active and loves making a difference in people’s lives. The facility has a fun and engaging atmosphere and a close-knit group of providers.

We love working together and at lunch, you can often find us talking about food, our patients, walking trails, sushi, outdoors and weekend plans. Some of our favorite things to do in the clinic are working with children, singing, chatting with patients, and dancing.

Meet The Towson Staff

Erica Bechtol

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Maryland Regional Director

Education: Doctorate (University of Maryland — Baltimore)
Certifications: MS, LSVT BIG.
Bio: Erica has been with TheraFit Rehab since 2017 and has 10-plus years of experience working with the neurological patient population. Prior to TheraFit, Erica was working in a neurological intensive care unit with patients with various acute neurological injuries. Erica has undergone increased training and education about multiple sclerosis and is a Certified MS Clinical Specialist. She also is LSVT BIG certified and enjoys working with patients with various movement disorders. In her free time she enjoys competing in triathlons, traveling to remote places in the world, and hiking with her dog, Roger.

Kim Nunez, Occupational Therapist

Kim Nunez

Occupational Therapist & Clinic Director

Education: Master’s (Towson University)
Certifications: Certified Stroke Rehab Specialist (CSRS), LSVT BIG, Certified in Physical Agent Modalities, Saebo Certified Clinican, Certified Fieldwork Educator through AOTA.
Bio: Kim graduated from Towson University with a master’s in occupational therapy in 2015. She completed training with neurological related injuries at University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Institute and has experience working with older adults in various settings. With a passion for treating those diagnosed with neurological conditions, Kim joined TheraFit Rehab in 2018. She enjoys working at Therafit Rehab where she can see clients one on one and build therapeutic relationships to help them regain independence in what’s most important to them. Kim has undergone extensive training and education on stroke recovery and is a Certified Stroke Rehab Specialist. In her free time, Kim enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family (especially her two nephews!).

Amy Harrison, Physical Therapist Assistant

Amy Harrison

Physical Therapist Assistant

Education: Associate’s (Carroll Community College)
Certifications: LSVT-BIG, pediatrics, MS.
Bio: Amy received her PTA degree from Carroll Community College in 2018 and was licensed in the State of Maryland in 2019. She was a student with TheraFit rehab in the fall of 2018 and started full time at the Towson location in May of 2019. Amy is LSVT-BIG certified and has taken multiple courses since graduating school on treatment strategies for patients who have various neurological diagnoses including multiple sclerosis, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. When not in the clinic, Amy enjoys riding horses and spending time with her family and friends.

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Kelly Trussell

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Education: Doctorate (Drexel University)
Certifications: Multiple sclerosis certified specialist.
Bio: Kelly is a physical therapist who joined TheraFit Rehab in May 2021. She graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia with her doctorate in physical therapy in 2017. She has a particular passion for treating patients with neurological disorders, specifically multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Kelly previously worked for a MS-specialized clinic while living in Massachusetts, where she received her multiple sclerosis specialization. While not at TheraFit, Kelly loves hiking with her husband and their dog, Bailey, traveling to new states, running, and baking delicious treats!

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Meg Barr

Physical Therapist

Education: Info to come.
Certifications: Info to come.
Bio: Info to come.

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Brandyn Geist

Occupational Therapist

Education: Info to come.
Certifications: Info to come.
Bio: Bio to come.

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Matt Maxion

Speech-Language Pathologist

Education: Info to come.
Certifications: Info to come.
Bio: Bio to come.

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Kim Schenning

Front Desk Receptionist

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Emily Fronczek

Administrative Assistant