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TheraFit Rehab – Baltimore, MD/Cold Spring

Physical Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Speech Therapy

About the Team

The TheraFit Rehab Team on Baltimore’s Cold Spring Lane is very active and loves making a difference in people’s lives. The facility has a fun and engaging atmosphere and a close-knit group of providers.

We love working together and at lunch, you can often find us talking about food, our patients, walking trails, sushi, outdoors and weekend plans. Some of our favorite things to do in the clinic are working with children, singing, chatting with patients, and dancing.

Meet The Baltimore/Cold Spring Staff

Erica Bechtol

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Maryland Regional Director

Education: Doctorate (University of Maryland — Baltimore)
Certifications: MS, LSVT BIG.
Bio: Erica has been with TheraFit Rehab since 2017 and has 10-plus years of experience working with the neurological patient population. Prior to TheraFit, Erica was working in a neurological intensive care unit with patients with various acute neurological injuries. Erica has undergone increased training and education about multiple sclerosis and is a Certified MS Clinical Specialist. She also is LSVT BIG certified and enjoys working with patients with various movement disorders. In her free time she enjoys competing in triathlons, traveling to remote places in the world, and hiking with her dog, Roger.

Amanda Seidl

Occupational Therapist

Education: Master’s (Duquesne University)
Certifications: Pediatric population
Bio: Amanda has been at TheraFit Rehab since August 2020 with a passion for treating kids with neurological disorders and sensory regulation disorders. Amanda has previously worked as an occupational therapist at a vision-therapy clinic and a school-based program. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys watching and attending Ravens games as well as spending time with her niece and nephew.

Headshot to come!

Michelle Thornton

Speech-Language Pathologist

Education: Master’s (Loyola University Maryland)
Certifications: Early intervention, CVA.
Bio: Michelle graduated from Loyola University in 2022 with her master’s in speech-language pathology. Her interests include early intervention, literacy, swallowing, and adult neurological disorders. Outside of TheraFit, Michelle is a fierce sports fan and enjoys the beach and hiking.