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Do you have difficulty walking due to a disease, condition, or disorder?

Therafit Rehab is here to help you get back to doing the things you love. Our gym-based setting and encouraging staff drive our patients to see results. We get everyone out of their wheelchairs and work one-on-one with patients. We make goals personal to your interests and hobbies!
get back to doing the things you love

Our physical and occupational therapy programs are covered through insurance and can get you MOVING! We know your untapped potential and fight insurance companies for the treatment you need!


Why Are We Different?

Our Approach

We SPECIALIZE in Neurological conditions. We’re not like traditional clinics that leave you on a mat table to do exercises by yourself or with a tech. We believe that challenging our patients in the limited time we have in therapy is essential for growth. We believe in an activity-based therapy approach, and incorporate things like aquatic therapy, Wii Sports, yoga, cycling, and other active-based interventions. Check out our SERVICES to get more information about our programs.

Our Equipment

Most physical therapy clinics spend their equipment budgets on things they specialize in like pain management and sports equipment. Likewise ours is spent on things like gait trainers, standers, body weight support systems, etcs. Below is just some of our equipment:


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Did you know you do not need a Doctor’s Referral to start therapy! Call now to speak with a Therapist about whether or not you could benefit from our services!



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