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Attention: Parents of Children Currently Forced into ‘Virtual Learning’…

Is Virtual Schooling hard on YOU, your CHILD, and your JOB?

Here is What We Have Learned

“Parents are spending countless hours helping with virtual learning, taking away time from their jobs, and left feeling frustrated at a lack of support from schools…”

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15-Minute Sensory Screen
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What is a Sensory Screen?


A Sensory Screen is a 15-minute consult with one of our occupational therapists to help guide you in what senses your child might be stimulated…

We all have certain senses (touch, smell, vision, taste, sound) to which we are more sensitive or seek more stimulation. For instance, a fidgeting student might be more at ease with his or her senses calmed. The key is to figuring out what senses are looking for stimulation and which should be toned down.

In this 15-minute screen, you will understand your child more and be able to help them calm those sensory cravings. Once we figure this out, we can start assisting your child to gain the right tools to get them focused, calmed, engaged, and listening. That will save you TIME, FRUSTRATION, and ENERGY.

A free screen is for your child if:


He or she cannot sit still during class.
His/her attention is on anything but the teacher on the screen.
Your child has trouble using a mouse, mousepad, keyboard, or tablet.
He or she has had meltdowns related to school taking place at home.
You need more time and energy for yourself to manage your own job.
You would like your child to be more independent and earn better grades during virtual school, without you having to micromanage.

No need to look any further. We are the No. 1 Provider of occupational therapy for children in Maryland and New Jersey, and we’re ready to serve your family!

Our Locations

Towson, MD

Therafit Rehab, Physical Therapy, Towson, MD

1220A E. Joppa Rd.
Suite 109
Towson, MD 21286
Phone: 410-415-1992

Westminster, MD

Therafit Rehab, Physical Therapy, Westminster, MD

511 Jermor Ln.
Suite 102
Westminster, MD 21157
Phone: 410-871-2494

Woodlawn, MD

Therafit Rehab Outpatient PT, OT, SLP in Woodlawn, MD 300wX300h

7210 Rutherford Rd. Ste. G
Baltimore, MD 21244
Phone: 443-364-8182

Middletown, NJ

Therafit Rehab, Middletown, NJ, physical therapy, occupational therapy

1215 Highway 35
Middletown, NJ 07748
Phone: 732-639-0068

Our Process

The Problem

Before we start any type of treatment we need to identify your child’s root problem. This is the most crucial part of any recovery! So many times the underlying problem is not identified correctly. Our providers will help determine the root cause of the problem!

The Solution

Once our therapist identifies the root cause of your problem, we will begin working on the solution. We have numerous revolutionary treatment techniques to improve speech, cognition, communication, and swallowing.


Achieving your child’s goals is awesome, but “How Do I Maintain It?” is one of our most frequently asked questions. The goal during this phase is to create a program that you (with your child) can do from home or start in a maintenance therapy program where we can occasionally keep an eye on your child!

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Pediatric Sensory Screen
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