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Parkinson’s Physical Therapy

Therafit Rehab | Woodlawn, MD

We Help People Affected by Parkinson’s Disease Regain Speed and Mobility

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Having Trouble Walking, Standing, or Balancing?

Therafit Rehab is an Outpatient Neurological Rehab Facility that offers state-of-the-art Adaptive Equipment and specializes in treating Parkinson’s Disease.

Our program focuses on quick, controlled, and coordinated exercises specifically designed to speed up motor movement in someone who has Parkinson’s.

We offer four types of activity-based therapy: physical, occupational, speech, and maintenance. As a licensed durable medical equipment (DME) provider, we can help outfit you with an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) or brace for toe-drop, or other supportive equipment, as needed.


Specialized Parkinson's Therapy Center

Our therapists specialize in treating Parkinson's Disease, not backs, necks, and knees like other clinics.

Unique Neurological Rehab Equipment

Offering many pieces of rehab and therapy equipment, including those designed specifically to help fight the issues making your movements slow, not found in other facilities in Maryland!

LSVT Big and Loud Therapy

Our therapists are LSVT Big- and Loud-Certified that specialize in treating Parkinson's Disease.

We Specialize in Parkinson’s Movement Therapy


If you’re having difficulty walking because of stiff and rigid muscles, it can be extremely frustrating. But not doing anything about it will only result in it getting worse. Studies have shown that repetitive motion increases neuroplasticity and triggers muscle memory. That means that when you keep doing it and keep pressing on, your muscles remember how to perform.

We are gait experts, meaning we specialize in observing gait (walking) and then working to improve the mobility and coordination of the muscles needed to walk. And while some muscles might need strengthened, others might just need to be taught controlled, coordinated, and consistent movements. We have been doing it for more than 10 years and are very specialized to help you get back to doing the things you love.

Request Your Free Movement Screen Today

We invite you to come in for a FREE consultation that will assess your movement. This free screen will last about 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to share your concerns about your Parkinson’s status with one of our therapists. After we listen to what’s on your mind, our therapist will ask you to complete one or more exercises related to movement and balance, and provide you with some tips on things you can do at home to improve.

It’s a totally free consultation with one of our Parkinson’s therapy specialists, but without any further obligation on your part! Simply click the link below and fill out the form to get scheduled for this free screen. We’ll make every effort to schedule you for the date you request.

Free Movement Screen
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If You’re Having a Decline, Here are 5 Things That Could be Making It Worse:

You think it is normal always just to get worse and slower.

You're not moving or as mobile as you used to be, which might be contributing to weakness and slowed walking.

You tried some exercise videos you found online, but nothing is really working.

Everyone around you is telling you to "rest" or doing things for you.

You have tried physical or occupational therapy before, but it didn't really seem to do anything.

If you have ever thought about any of these or perhaps they have happened to you, then we would love to invite you in for a free consultation with one of our physical or occupational therapists to help find out what can be done for you. The fact that you are reading this or have tried any of these things is a good thing, because when you know what doesn’t work, you are one step closer to finding out what could work!

Use the link below to sign up for a FREE MOVEMENT SCREEN with a therapist to get some real advice. Advice that you can do from home without the fear of having to book more appointments or be charged with any fees. Our goal is to help you to make the best possible decisions you can regarding your health and wellness.

Our Promise

Being a privately owned facility, we believe that one-on-one time with a patient is the most important thing that you can give. And it is this one-on-one devoted attention that allows us to see the amazing results we do! In a system that everyone is trying to push you out of the door, we welcome you and embrace your time.


This is a “No-Plateau” Zone!


Medicare released a Maintenance Therapy Program. In this program, therapists can actually see you to maintain your current state or abilities. It is no longer based on PROGRESS now, but on Skilled and Medically Necessary Therapy. Meaning that as long as therapy is skilled and medically necessary to prevent you from declining, we can continue therapy regardless of progress towards a goal.

We also relate our therapy goals to specific things that you want to get back to doing, and we tailor our treatments specifically to those goals. This is what makes therapy worth it to you. We will not just tell you to perform two sets of leg extensions at 10 reps per set with both legs, and then leave you to do them. Instead, if it is getting harder to walk around the grocery store or reach up to the top cabinet to put dishes away, then those are the things we work on — balance, endurance, strength, and flexibility to be able to do all those things.

Here are Just a Few Things Our Therapists Can Do For You:

Walk with better balance and control.

Help maintain energy throughout the day to avoid fatigue.

Avoid SITTING all day long with an activity program designed for you.

Decrease the time it takes to dress, cook, clean, and shower so you can enjoy more of your day.

Master transferring or standing up from a chair.

Gain independence.

Increase walking SPEED and ability to TURN AROUND, in some cases by 400 percent.

Are You Ready to be More Active, Mobile, and Independent?

Contact us today to schedule your FREE MOVEMENT SCREEN and to start getting advice on how you can improve your walking from our EXPERTS. This is a free 15-minute consultation to assess where you are and start giving you ACTIONABLE information that you can start doing NOW! All because we believe that you can get to a new level and that there is ALWAYS HOPE.

Simply fill out the short form below or, if you prefer to schedule this consult by phone, call our Woodlawn, Maryland, clinic at the number below. Either way, our BEST PARKINSON’S THERAPY SPECIALISTS can help you become more active, mobile, and independent!

Therafit Rehab – Woodlawn
Phone: 443-364-8182

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