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Hand and Wrist Pain Relief

TheraFit Rehab Occupational and Physical Therapy
Woodlawn, MD

We Help to Relieve Hand or Wrist Pain and Restore Function and Strength

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A Free Screen may be for you if:


You’re tired of LIVING IN PAIN or using pain MEDICATIONS.


You are MISSING OUT on things you want to do because of pain.

You experience of SUDDEN PAIN when you grab something, and you’re sick of it.

You’re afraid to PICK THINGS UP because you can’t hold them for long or you drop things frequently.

It’s very DIFFICULT TO GET DRESSED or brush your hair using the bad hand.

Your hands or wrists get sore or fatigued quickly TYPING OR USING A MOUSE.


Who We Are and How We Provide Pain Relief

Therafit Rehab is an Outpatient Neurological Rehab Facility that offers state-of-the-art equipment and specializes in treating hand and wrist pain through occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Our program focuses on diagnosing the heart of the problem then providing treatment that relieves pain, minimizing or eliminating the need for surgery. If your doctor deems surgery as the only option, we also provide pre- and post-surgery therapy to strengthen or rehabilitate the hand and wrist, reducing your “down time” due to the actual procedure.


Hand Pain Relief Center

Our therapists specialize in relieving hand and wrist pain and restoring movement and function.

Unique Neurological Rehab Equipment

Offering many pieces of rehab and therapy equipment not found in other facilities in Maryland!

Same Day Appointments

Need therapy now? No problem — call for a same-day appointment!

Hand and Wrist Pain: Here’s What We Know


Untreated hand or wrist pain, whether caused by rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, injury, or other, can lead to long-term issues and permanent problems.


At the very minimum, it can significantly hamper quality of life, causing you to avoid certain tasks or functions, or miss out on enjoyable activities with family and friends.

No need to look any further. We are the No. 1 provider of physical therapy and occupational therapy in Baltimore, Maryland, and we’re ready to serve you! Fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

Stop living with pain or reduced function in your hand or wrist.

Request Your Free Hand Screen ($25 Value) Today

We invite you to come in for a FREE consultation ($25 value!) that will assess your hand or wrist issues. This free screen will last about 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to share your concerns about the limitations the pain is causing you with one of our physical or occupational therapists. After we listen to what’s on your mind, our therapist will ask you to complete one or more exercises related to function or range of motion, and provide you with some tips on things you can do at home to improve.

It’s a totally free consultation with one of our therapy specialists, but without any further obligation on your part! Simply click the link below and fill out the form to get scheduled for this free screen. We’ll contact you soon to schedule the appointment.

Free Hand Screen
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Our Promise

Being a privately owned facility, we believe that one-on-one time with a patient is the most important thing that you can give. And it is this one-on-one devoted attention that allows us to see the amazing results we do! In a system that everyone is trying to push you out of the door, we welcome you and embrace your time.

Are You Ready to be More Active, Mobile, and Independent?

Contact us today to schedule your hand or wrist screen and to start getting advice on how you can improve your hand and wrist function from our EXPERTS. This is a free 15-minute consultation to assess where you are and start giving you ACTIONABLE information that you can start doing NOW! We’ve made this free because we believe that you can get to a new level and that there is ALWAYS HOPE.

Simply fill out the short form below or, if you prefer to schedule this consult by phone, call our Woodlawn, Maryland, clinic at the number below. Either way, our BEST HAND THERAPY SPECIALISTS can help you become more active, mobile, and independent!

Therafit Rehab – Woodlawn
Phone: 443-364-8182

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