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Get Back to Doing What You Love with a FREE Balance Consultation!

Are You WORRIED About Falling and Badly Injuring Yourself?

Here Is What We Know

One in three adults over 65 falls each year, and one out of five falls results in a serious injury. Don’t risk losing your independence by falling! Learn more below and sign up for a free balance screen!

No need to look any further. We are the No. 1 provider of Physical and Occupational Therapy in Maryland to improve balance and reduce your risk of falling, and we’re ready to serve you during our Patient Appreciation Week!

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Fewer than 15 Slots at Each Location!

Our therapists will listen to your concerns and assess your balance, gait, and fall risk. Fill out the form today to get scheduled for your free balance consult.

A member of our staff will contact you soon to schedule your free consult!

A balance assessment is for you if:


You’re scared of falling, breaking a hip, or being in a nursing home.

You are embarrassed about how you walk.

You’re worried about your spouse’s balance and independence.

You have trouble walking on uneven grass or unlevel surfaces.

You’re afraid of slipping in the shower.

You’re tired of using a wall, furniture or cane for balance.

Our Locations

Towson, MD

Therafit Rehab, Physical Therapy, Towson, MD

1220 E. Joppa Rd.
Suite 109
Towson, MD 21286

Westminster, MD

Therafit Rehab, Physical Therapy, Westminster, MD

511 Jermor Ln.
Suite 102
Westminster, MD 21157

Woodlawn, MD

Therafit Rehab Outpatient PT, OT, SLP in Woodlawn, MD 300wX300h

7210 Rutherford Rd. Ste. G
Baltimore, MD 21244

Our Process

The Problem

Before we start any type of treatment we need to identify the root problem. This is the most crucial part of any recovery! So many times the underlying problem is not identified correctly. Our providers will help determine the root cause of the problem!

The Solution

Once our therapist identifies the root cause of your problem, we will begin working on the solution. We have numerous revolutionary treatment techniques to improve overall function and get back to doing activities you love.


Acheiving your goal is awesome, but “How Do I Maintain It?” is one of our most frequently asked questions. The goal during this phase is to create a program that you can do from home or start in a maintenance therapy program where we can occasionally keep an eye on you!

Reduce Your Risk of Falling

If you feel like you have bad balance or you are constantly afraid of falling — and you think either of those is normal — that’s understandable, since balance usually gets worse over many months or even years. Many people chalk it up to their age.

Sometimes poor balance might be related to an event (like a stroke or broken bone). But regardless of why your balance is bad, you just need to live with it, right?

Wrong! You are not alone. We hear this type of thing all the time. In fact, we specialize in balance and improving walking (or gait).

That’s one reason why we want to help you celebrate Independence Day by showing you that it is possible to maintain or regain your independence through improved balance! Normally our free consultations are only 15 minutes, but we know how important it is to reduce your fall risk, so during our Patient Appreciation Week July 6-10 we are offering free balance consults that are 30 minutes apiece! Plus, you’ll enjoy free food and be entered to win one of two $75 gift cards to Liberatore’s restaurant.

Call or complete the form below today to get scheduled, as we only have space for 15 consults at each location!

Only 15 Slots at Each Location…Sign Up Now!