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Neuro-based Fitness Therapy

Fitness Therapy Programs are cash pay programs. There are several grants that we have as resources to help you get the fitness that you need.

Therafit Rehab offers a variety of Fitness Programs Including:

fitness therapy  

Fitness Therapy

The Fitness Therapy Program was designed as a continuation of care from physical and occupational therapy. Many times patients are discharged from therapy and without the proper aide in continuing their rehabilitation. The fitness therapy program offers members a way to continue working with a skilled individual on a one-one-one fitness program. Fitness Therapy is an out-of-pocket program not billable through insurance companies, however we do have grants available to those who qualify.

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Physical Therapy Gym 

Gym Memberships

Our gym membership gives individuals the ability to utilize our adaptive equipment in an affordable monthly installment. Therapists are on-site and are able to give general supervision to ensure a safe workout.

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Adaptive Fitness Class 

Fitness Classes

Therafit Rehab has offers an Adaptive Fitness Class that meets 4 times a year over a 6 week period! This class is designed for ANYONE! Even someone that has been in a wheelchair for a long time. The Beginners Class offers an instructor that is Fitness Therapy Certified and works with people that have Neurological Conditions!

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Yoga Class

Yoga Classes

Therafit Rehab has teamed up with Yoga for Parkinson’s to provide adaptive Yoga classes for anyone interested in YOGA! This class is performed through Yoga for Parkinson’s, a non for profit organization. Even though this class is performed through Yoga for Parkinson’s it is available for ANYONE!

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