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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect in my first session?

During your first session you will be evaluated in ability and function. We assess your level of function through a variety of hands-on active assistive movements, and also on our machines and equipment. We establish a baseline for every client so that we can accurately measure improvements and milestones.

2. How is this different from other Physical Therapy and Fitness?

Our program is more like an intensive gym workout, done completely out of your wheelchair, where the therapists & trainers work with you hands on for the entire session. Our main focus is trying to regain strength and function below your level of injury.

3. Is this covered by insurance?

TheraFit Gym’s physical therapy treatment program is covered by most insurance including Blue Cross and Medicare. Our after therapy fitness treatments are not covered by insurance but is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, yearly individual scholarships may be available to qualifying individuals, contact us now to see if you qualify!

4. What do I need to do prior to my first session?

Prior to your first session each client will need to obtain doctor’s clearance for participating in our program.

5. How often can I come for a session?

Our members commit to at least two times a week for at least six months.

6. How soon will I see results?

No two clients are the same. Some people may see a change in a few sessions where others may take longer. It all depends on how well you and your body respond to our program. Just because you do not see changes in the first session or even the first week should not discourage you.