We cannot accept anymore registrations for this Woodlawn event. However, we are hosting the exact same MS Wellness Event at our Westminster clinic on June 27. Click here for Westminster event info.


Thursday, June 20, 2024 | 4:30-6 p.m.

TheraFit Rehab | Woodlawn, MD

Learn How to Decrease Your Risk of Falling & Why Nutrition is So Important…

Register for Westminster Event June 27

This wellness event is for you if:


You are afraid of losing your INDEPENDENCE.

You are fed up with “BAD MS DAYS.”

You spend too much time in your WHEELCHAIR, but have felt powerless to do anything about it.

Your anxiety soars at the thought or going anywhere, or you frequently need help WALKING.

You need a new foot or hand BRACE or assistive walking device.

Your muscles are tight and joints have limited RANGE OF MOTION.

You have poor BALANCE and are terrified of falling and getting seriously injured.

You feel awful because you can’t do things you like to do — like holding your grandchildren — WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.

You are worried about your loved one’s QUALITY OF LIFE.

Featuring Tonja Harris Dews

MS Warrior and Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Motivational Speaker

Co-Hosted by TheraFit Rehab and the MS Foundation

Limited to 20 Registrants

(due to the interactive nature of this event)

The Workshop Will Cover… 


How to stretch various muscles and why it’s so important.

Exercises to decrease risk of falls.

Benefits of cardio exercise and examples.

Guide to functional exercises that restore lost mobility and confidence.

Natural remedies to selected symptoms.

Modern treatment techniques and the latest in equipment.

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