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We Are Open and Surveying Patients About Future Therapy Preferences

Page updated Oct. 7, 2020

Therafit Rehab is open and will remain open to current and new patients, providing essential therapy in a safe manner in our clinic offices, in patient homes, and via telehealth. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy improves the health and well-being of patients of all ages, and it also helps to keep people out of doctor offices and hospital emergency rooms.

COVID-19 is here, in various degrees, until it isn’t. We have begun surveying patients about their treatment preferences should Coronavirus cases increase and state and local governments respond by issuing shut-down decrees as they did in the spring. The surveys are allowing patients, during today’s low-infection environment, to make sound decisions about how they would prefer to receive their future therapy sessions if COVID cases significantly rise in Maryland or New Jersey during the fall and/or winter seasons.

Therafit Rehab will remain open and treating patients regardless of future government decrees.

Therafit Rehab clinics continue to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) standards and guidelines for facility and equipment sanitation and health, and staff members utilize personal protection equipment while visiting patients in their residences. Specific questions may be directed to your local Therafit Rehab.

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As always…

We are open, we love our patients, and we will never give up you!

…whether we treat you in our clinic, in your home, or via telehealth.

To help keep everyone safe in our clinics:


Respectfully, we will check you upon arrival for COVID-19 symptoms, including but not limited to: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and recent exposure possibilities. Anyone reporting exposure contact or symptoms will politely be asked to leave.


We have increased the physical distance between treatment stations and the frequency with which we sanitize equipment during and following therapy sessions, as per CDC and state guidelines.


We are asking you to remain in your cars until your scheduled appointment time or just prior, to limit interactions as much as possible. We also request that caregivers or guests remain in their cars.


Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry and avoid extended congregation in the reception area.


Unless a patient requires assistance entering and departing a clinic, we are asking caregivers or transportation providers to remain in their vehicles or otherwise outside of Therafit Rehab locations.

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Thank you for your flexibility and support as we battle this bug together!