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There are 4 different FREE ways to learn more about what we do and whether or not we would be a good fit for you…


Initial Evaluation
This is for someone who is confident that our services are right for them without the need to speak with someone before hand. This is a great way to reach out and communicate your ideal day(s) of the week that you would like to be scheduled. In this treatment the therapist can evaluate extensively what is going on and explain how we can help. Then develop a plan and get started that treatment getting you back to the things you love.

Exploration Visit
This is ideal for someone who is looking to meet with a Physical Therapist for FREE and learn more about what it is and what our facility is all about. Over a cup of coffee we will discuss some of the frustrations you are having. Then we will come up with an actionable plan to get you back to doing the things you love! We will then take you on a tour of the facility and send you away with a free GIFT to remember us by, along with some Theraband. This visit will leave you with the knowledge you need to either get started at home with some of the gifts we give you or come on board our PROGRAM.

Facility Tour
Meet up with one of our Fitness Therapists as they take you on a small tour of the facility and show you the state-of-art equipment we have along with our Gym-Based setting. This will give you an idea of whether or not the facility will fit your needs. It will also show you how we are DIFFERENT from any other place you have ever seen and give you the chance to see some of our therapists at work in the gym.

15 Minute Phone Call
In this FREE phone consult we will talk about things that you are having trouble with and your GOALS to overcome them and get back to doing the things you LOVE. This is a phone consult with our BEST PHYSICAL THERAPISTS. Start getting ACTIONABLE information that you can start at home with now.

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