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Our Humble Beginnings

Therafit Rehab started in 2006 in the basement of Gina Della's residence. It was 500 square feet.


Out of the HOUSE!

Our first location outside “The House” (as our original members have been known to call it) opened in December of 2012 and started our journey to help as many people like Rich as we could!


Our Timonium Maryland Location

The second location we opened in April of 2015. After opening this location we noticed the increasing need for locations throughout the nation and made it our goal to one day be able to service people in many states all over the US.


Our Story

The journey from disaster to miracle began in January of 2002. Richard Ayres, beloved husband, new father, and adored son, brother, and uncle was struck head-on by a drunk driver. Suffering from severe head trauma, Rich was in a coma and paralyzed. His family refused to “let him go”, as the doctors advised, and began the process of research and investigation that led them to the Quadriciser®.

The Quadriciser moves all four of your limbs and simulates reciprocal movements of walking while lying in the supine position. This cross-crawl pattern stimulates the brain and improves muscle function. This unique device along with intense one on one therapeutic exercise provided the basis for Rich’s recovery and ongoing progress. Rich’s dedication, as well as his family’s desire to see him thrive, started a process of recovery that could only be defined as miraculous.

After witnessing the advances made by her brother, Gina wanted to bring the benefits of the Quadriciser and one on one therapeutic rehabilitation to others suffering physical disabilities. She especially wanted to help those with limited incomes and whose insurance no longer covered their rehabilitation.

Gina’s vision was the beginning of TheraFit Rehab® for the Disabled, which she opened in December of 2006 later to become known as TheraFit Rehab (TheraFit Enterprises, Inc.).

The Carroll County Times, part of the Baltimore Sun Media Group, spotlighted TheraFit Rehab in its Feb. 28, 2020, edition.

Our Mission

TheraFit Rehab® is dedicated to providing specialized, activity-based therapy and fitness programs to children, adults, and seniors with disabilities to rehabilitate them and restore their quality of life.

Our Vision

“TheraFit Rehab, Inc. is the Region’s largest premier provider of therapeutic exercise, health and wellness programming for the disabled community.”

Our Core Values


We started Therafit Rehab to help people. We love helping people reach new goals and new potentials.


Our goal as an organization is to provide a level of therapy unlike anything that you have ever experienced. Care that is so great it makes you literally say “WOW”


The Physical and Occupational Therapy industry is so typical and “medical”. So we strive to make it anything but typical…

Unique, Creative, & Intentional

We encourage all of our employees to add their own personal touch to Therafit Rehab, making it unique. We try to mix things up and constantly challenge each other and our patients.

Create FUN and a little Weird

This is my favorite value! And it is usually the one that catches everyone off guard. But we do not want a company that is BORING and DULL. This one sorta speaks for itself.


Yes, we did just go there. I know I said we are different and unique, and this value is literally like everyone else’s core values. But just stay with me. Honesty is incredibly important to our company, in the way we interact with each other and our patients, so nonetheless it deserves a spot!

 Growth & Learning

In this field things are changing so rapidly that it is crucial to be on top of things. That is why growth and learning are so important to our company. Making sure that we stay on top of the latest and greatest to give you everything we can!


We created Therafit Rehab as an inclusive therapy facility. Teamwork within our facility is crucial and it is what drives the progress we see each and everyday. Without the amazingly dedicated staff we have and awesome team mentality, we would be like every other boring Joe’s “Im the best” Physical Therapy Clinic.

Meet The Owners

Gina Della

Founder, Owner

Gina Della is the founder of TheraFit Rehab. She is certified in exercise therapy, aquatic therapy, fitness nutrition, adaptive equipment use and training, bosu balance specialist, and an international certification in fitness therapy and Mobility Opportunities via Education/Experience (M.O.V.E.). Gina is passionate about helping achieve things they did not realize they can do and gives God the Glory for Therafit Rehab.

Justin Gilligan Owner Therafit Rehab

Justin Gilligan

CEO, Owner, PTA

Justin is the Co-Owner of Therafit Rehab. He is dedicated to helping those with neurological disabilities become more active, mobile and independent. Justin enjoys spending time with his wife, coaching his son's soccer team, watching his daughter's dance ballet, playing with his toddler and preparing for the new baby on the way.

Richard Ayres

Honorary Vice President

Rich has fought through countless obstacles and overcome many challenges to get to where he is today. We are proud to say this company is founded on his drive and determination for rehabilitation. He is the Father of Christopher Ayres and husband to an amazing woman named Amber Ayres.


We published revised brochures in 2021. Download a PDF today to learn more about Therafit Rehab.

Maryland Brochure
New Jersey Brochure