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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I miss cooking” or “I wish I could cook like it used to”?

Cooking for most people isn’t just a chore, but rather a reflection of love or a passionate hobby.

When our patients lose the ability to cook for themselves it can be devastating.

“I just wish I could be independent in cooking again…”

If you used to cook for yourself, but now you are having difficulty (maybe due to a condition, endurance, or poor balance) then this email is for you.

I wanted to touch on things that we usually help our patients within the kitchen. There are many ways that we can adapt the kitchen or the way that we cook the meals. Better yet, the equipment costs very little and can be ordered right from Amazon.

The first thing we usually start with is making accessible snacks and then small meals. From there we work our way up to larger meals that are more complex.

In order to do this, we have our therapists help organize the kitchen in a way that works best for you. Then we recommend adaptive products to make it easier for you to cook.

Some of the equipment that you might be able to use to adapt your kitchen could include:

  • Electric Hotplate on a Small Table
  • Using a Rocker Knife
  • Non-slip Bowls and Plates
  • Large Grip Utensils Weighted and Unweighted
  • One-handed Undermount Electric Can Opener
  • Adaptive Cutting Board

These are some of the equipment that we tend to recommend to individuals. However, like anything else, it is hard giving recommendations over the internet!

We prefer to meet with our clients to see what types of foods they enjoy cooking as well as what types of adaptations they might need. Then we can recommend a great kitchen set up to suit your needs.

If you are having difficulty and want to regain your independence in the kitchen then just click the link below to sign up for a free cooking consult at one of our locations nearest you.

Use this link to set up your Free Cooking Consult today: