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Do You Have Trouble Standing Up From a Chair?

If it is hard for you to come to stand from a chair the first thing that we would want to figure out is why. Is it weakness, is it dissociation, spasticity, or perhaps something else.

Figuring out the root cause will help us determine what is the next step to help improving standing. Without knowing exactly what is going on it is difficult to give specific recommendations.

However, there are a few things that generally work for a lot of people. Let’s take a look at one of my favorite standing exercises…

Modified sit to stands.

Start with a really high and firm chair or stool. This will give you a clear advantage because you are already almost standing.

Start standing from the chair until standing becomes easy. The things to remember are lean far forward (getting your nose over the top of your toes) and try not to use your hands for support.

Also, make sure that you are getting your weight to the full foot and not just putting your weight on your heels while coming to stand.

Take it one step further…

Stack a bunch of large thick books on a mat table or chair (encyclopedias or garden pads work well). Stack them to the point that standing up would be easy (maybe 5 or so books).

Stand multiple times from that height until standing is easy. Until there is no bumping or losing balance. Also, make sure that you stand up nice and straight pulling your pelvis forward at the end. When coming down to sit keep your nose over your toes while sticking your butt out.

Next, take a book away and then repeat the process until eventually there are no more books and you are standing from just the chair.


This works well because it is incrementally strengthening the muscles by adding just a little more workload in between each set of standing.

If this exercise does not really work for you, there are many other things that we can do to improve standing. It is tricky to give recommendations that can help with standing that will work for everyone.

Seeing you in the clinic is the best way to see exactly what is going on and give a great recommendation that can really help specific to your needs.

If you are interested in setting up a FREE visit to get feedback on what you could do to stand up without effort then just respond back to this email and let me know, or click here to learn more about the appointments!

I can schedule out a visit where we can sit and talk about what is going on and then give more clear and better recommendations for you!




People photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com