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It was truly a pleasure treating Mr. Charles. He is a fun-loving and dedicated man who enjoys working hard to accomplish his goals.

Every session was fun and filled with laughter and never a dull moment. This picture pretty well describes his personality and spirit.

He is an inspiration to many and the honor was truly ours.

This is a review that he wrote and submitted to us, we wanted to share it with everyone. Thank you for the great review Charles!

Therafit Rehab Review
By Charles Rachel

Before beginning physical therapy at Therafit Rehab, my muscles were so stiff I could barely stand up!

I use a wheelchair to get around, and transferring from the chair to my bed or in the restroom was extremely difficult. Everyone including the Arc staff noticed and voiced their concerns that physical therapy would be beneficial to me.

After several months of receiving physical therapy at Therafit Rehab, I am feeling much stronger. Transfers and standing are much easier. The therapists are very nice and they really care about the success of their patients.

I would strongly recommend Therafit Rehab and Physical Therapy to any of my friends who are not already using their services and are in need of physical therapy. You truly feel like part of the family.

After seeing Charles transfer in the clinic we too knew that he needed to strengthen his legs so that he could stand longer and transfer easier.

After getting some strength in his legs we started working on a pivot. Turning one direction so that he could then come to sit in his chair.

We also practiced coming to stand from his chair, we tried several different techniques before finding one that worked great.

When we put all these together, we were able to come to stand, pivot, and sit back down to the chair beautifully. After teaching this technique to his caregivers we moved on to standing longer and practicing walking with a gait trainer.

Charles continues to amaze us with his therapy to this day!