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With May being National Bicycle Month it just felt fitting that we talk about some of the different options out there in the way of adaptive bicycles and tricycles. Also if you are looking for funding sources for an adaptive bicycle then check out this great post from Special Needs Resources Blog.

First off, when determining what is appropriate for you or perhaps your child it is important to look at what kind of support is needed. Many adaptive bikes offer differing amounts of support. And going a bit overboard is always better than being under supported when on a bike. Below we will talk about several different bikes and their varying levels of support.

Adaptive Bicycle Accessories

Origin8 Pro-Grip II Pedal Straps

Pedal Straps can help keep feet on the pedals. These can sometimes be difficult and often times it is not to attach an additional heel strap to the pedal strap.

Adaptive foot pedal

Adapted Tricycle Accessory – Foot Pedal Attachments

Adapted Tricycle Accessory – Foot Pedal Attachments

We have used this product before and it too works well, although somewhat expensive. The device attaches straight to the foot pedal and is very supportive.

Adaptive Training Wheels

Training wheels are a great way to stabilize a bicycle. With these Fatwheels Training Wheels they allow for large children and even adults to have added stability needed to get things moving! Fatwheels offers two forms of heavy duty training wheels including Small and Adult sizes.

Adaptive Bicycles

Balance Bicycles

Balance bikes take the coordination of having to maintain balance and pedal at the same time. Although this is becoming more and more mainstream it is still an adaptation to the original bicycle and can be extremely beneficial in teaching a child with special needs how to ride a bicycle.

KaZam No Pedal Bike

Much like the balance bike above the KaZam allows the child the ability to start learning without the need to pedal. KaZam takes it one step further by allowing the child a place to then put their feet instead of hovering over the ground in attempts to widen base of support and keep from tipping. This balance bike tends to be more expensive, however gets the child one step closer to independent riding.

Adaptive Tricycles

Rifton Tricycle

The Rifton Tricycle – Photo © 2017 by Rifton Equipment. Used by permission.

The Rifton Tricycle

The rifton Tricycle is by far, one of the best adaptive Tricycles on the market, which is why we sell them! The Rifton Tricycle offers high levels of support and even allows the individual’s feet to be strapped to the pedals as well. This tricycle even offers the support to some of the most involved individuals. They offer many different sizes even accommodating adults. The caregiver assist steering makes steering from behind the bike while pushing it too very easy.

Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike

While not adaptive, the Little Tikes supported tricycle is meant for infants and toddlers however will accommodate even a small 5 year old (test out in a store first). This is a great tricycle for an affordable price that will help support a child and get the benefits of recumbent pedaling through the caregiver. Also note that the caregiver assist works well to steer and propel from behind. One last note, the bike does not come with foot straps, however some can be found at the link above.

MICAH Adaptive Tricycle

Much like the Rifton Tricycle MICAH does well at the adaptive Tryke as well. The shoulder height back and arm rests as well as lap belt add a safe environment for learning and enjoyment. The bike is also fitted with foot straps and a hand break. However, does not offer caregiver assist steering from the rear of the bike.

Rock & Roll Tricycle

The Rock & Roll Tricycle offers a unique design being that the user can propel the bike using their hands or feet. Its high back offers great support and foot straps maintain proper placement. Another benefit is its user hand break. However, the bike does not easily allow for caregiver assistance for propulsion or steering.

Mobo Triton Pro

The Mobo Triton Pro is an affordable option for someone that has balance needs however has enough leg strength to propel the bike. It’s high back and hand control steering offers a great way to get out on the road and enjoy the sunshine!


Invacare LXC Li’l Excelerator

This is a great handbike that sits a little higher off the ground and makes getting into easier. Its weight makes propulsion using hands somewhat difficult on anything other than level surfaces. This is a very customizable bike that is more affordable than other bikes out there. We sell Invacare products also, call for discounts!

HHS7 Upright Handcycle

This is another great handbike that sits a little higher off the ground and makes getting into easier. It weighs about 7 pounds less than the Invacare and includes the lap belt. This too, is a very customizable bike that is more affordable than other bikes out there.

So there you have it. There is no reason that if you want to be enjoying the great outdoors and bike riding in style that you cannot. I understand that yes, for some people price may be an issue, but please check out the funding sources above and get working to get it covered. Those are just 17 sources, however your city may have even better ones to take advantage of!