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In honor of Caregiver Appreciation Month we are featuring 3 different Caregivers and their stories. Our Second post will be featuring Barbara and Brandon Lutz.

national caregiver appreciation monthTheir lives forever changed on January 31st 2008. Jared was an avid sportsman growing up and was involved in all types of sports. One of which was Pole Vaulting. While vaulting for McDaniel College on a cold January afternoon inside the gymnasium, Jared suffered a traumatic brain injury. Jared overshot the landing mat and hit his head on the rubber floor. He was life flighted to Shock Trauma in downtown Baltimore. Over the course of the next year Jared was transferred to many different hospitals and underwent various procedures before finally going back home in February of 2009.

Over the course of the year, Jared’s family (Barbara, Brandon, and sister Caitlyn) was constantly by his side, praying and doing whatever possible to help his recovery along. We (Therafit) met Jared in 2010. We were blown away by the support that he receives from his family and caregiver, Frank. It is evident that they are all committed to his recovery. They come 3-4 days a week, every week. They selflessly commit themselves physically and mentally to him day in and day out.

Jared needs around-the-clock care and his parents take turns on the weekend staying up with him throughout the night with him. In his therapies, they are his number one fans. Cheering and pushing him to achieve his goals and they do whatever it takes. We are all blessed by him and his family and are thankful for the love, care, humor, commitment, motivation, and faithfulness that they share.

Thank you Barbara, Brandon, Caitlyn, Frank and Jared. We truly love you all and continue to pray for Jareds recovery and God’s healing over him.

Without the dedication of caregivers, Therafit would not exist. Most of our patients rely on others to take care of them and to bring them to Therafit. The caregivers believe that the patients can do more, that they can be more, if given the opportunity. Caregivers play a vital role in the lives of our patients. They help motivate, inspire, and cheer on the patient through their lives. Thank you for all that you do for each and every one of our patients.

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  • Judy Fippen says:

    As Jared Nana and spending as much time as I can here in Md I have been able to be with him at Therafit. They are professional and so compassionate which is so important to us as a family . Jared’s comfort and progress there is always a goal on each visit.Brandon an Barbara were so happy to find a place that met the needs they were looking for .