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The Quadriciser- an Active/Passive Therapeutic Movement System

Often times when people visit our clinic the first thing that they want to see or are drawn to is the Quadriciser.

It is for good reason because the Quadriciser is definitely our most unique piece of equipment and perhaps our most beneficial piece as well. Although it can be a bit intimidating upon first glimpse, the Quadriciser makes up for it with all of its benefits to the patient.

At Therafit Rehab we use it in a variety of ways, including to help promote: strengthening, stretching, endurance, range of motion, neuromuscular reeducation, cross crawl patterning, PNF-like patterning, reciprocal patterning, high RPM assisted cycling, and much more.

The Quadriciser is fully adaptable to most people as long as it is cleared by the physician. The patient first transfers into the machine and comes to sitting on the seat. Then their feet are carefully assisted into the foot cradles and strapped in. Then the lap belt is buckled along with the chest belt if needed. If the patient is not able to maintain grip on the handles for the upper body then the grip assist gloves can be placed on for the patient to be able to maintain grip on the handle bars.




We can then start the machine in the reciprocal motions either in forward or reverse. Depending on the patient’s condition, the machine is then changed to different positions and settings to achieve the desired outcomes. If the patient is able to we often attempt to allow them to work with it for a more active workout.

The Quadriciser Simulates Walking in a Supine position

The seat will recline all the way back to simulate walking in a lying position. We can also have the upper extremities crossing to stimulate the mid-line activities in the brain. A customized program provided by a trained and licensed physical therapist is best to ensure that the patient is getting the most out of the time on the machine.


Clinical Benefits

Clinically we have experience many instances of ongoing carryover from the machine. Patients of ours with Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Strokes, and Parkinson’s Disease have all reported vast benefits to the machine. We have seen improvements in increased cadence, stride length, weight acceptance, heel strike, and hip and knee flexion in different patients.
The Quadriciser allows someone who is even completely dependent and without movement the ability to move again with assistance. Even the most contracted and tight patients have benefited from the machine. We have seen tone calm with the repetitive movements and rhythms, and then began to see the patient overcoming tone with volitional movement.

To check out more information about the Quadriciser please feel free to call us or visit the Quadriciser Website.

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Here is Quadriciser’s instructional Video for more information.

Please note that not everyone sees benefits on the Quadriciser and that it is a good tool for us to use along with other interventions.