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Here are some testimonials from our members:

Claudine Biddison

Bradley Murray

“Therafit is a fun and exciting part of my day and has me feeling more physically fit at the end of every day.”


Dana Pickett

“My name is Vicki Pickett, a parent and fulltime caregiver to my daughter, Dana Pickett. Dana is currently 36 years old and was born with Cerebral Palsy. Dana attended Centers for the Handicapped from the time she was 2 until starting the public school system at age 5. During her school years she received physical therapy, basically just to keep her stretched and to help with her spasticity. Since I was never told that she could possibly do more, because of her physical disability, I accepted the fact that this is all she will ever be able to achieve physically.

After Dana left the school system I needed to find a private therapist and this is what brought me to Therafit Gym. When I met Gina I knew from that very moment that she was a very compassionate individual that takes her client’s needs very serious. She brought hope to us that Dana could do so much more. She introduced us to the Quadriciser when Dana was 29. This piece of therapy equipment made neurological benefits to Dana that I could not imagine. Not only did it help her muscle spasticity, it helped her speech tremendously. Once Dana started to communicate better it seemed to open a whole new world for her. Finally, after all these years people could understand Dana while talking. Then there was that day that Gina said “I bet Dana could take a few steps with a gait trainer.” Never would I ever believe this was possible. Once again, she did! At the age of 29 Dana took her first steps due to Gina, President and Owner of Therafit Gym.

I would highly recommend Therafit Gym to any individual that has special needs to give them a try. You will find out for yourself that the individual’s working there are well trained, compassionate people. They make their client’s feel very special and push them to try things you never thought were possible.

Gina and her staff give you strength and hope when you feel it’s impossible.” – Vicki P. (Dana’s Mother)

Richard Ayres

Rich has fought through countless obstacles and overcome many challenges to get to where he is today. We are proud to say this company is founded on his drive and determination for rehabilitation.


Christy Spain

“My daughter Christy, has been going to Therafit Gym for about 6 to 7 years now. She suffers from a severe brain injury when she was 13 (she is now 29) and is currently receiving PT, OT, and physical fitness at least 4 days a week from Therafit. The providers are always very pleasant and friendly and enlist in consistent services as well as new techniques to keep Christy motivated. They have assisted us in acquiring Durable Medical Equipment that enhances the capabilities for keeping her mobile. I personally volunteered with Therafit about 5 years ago for 6 months while I was unemployed and saw first hand how the therapists interact with the clients that have disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, and Obesity. All clients (and their aides where appropriate) were treated with utmost respect and dignity.

What sets their facility apart is that they target clients with disabilities other then sports related injuries. We have been to other therapy providers and Therafit’s understanding and compassion for people with the disabilities mentioned above is unique. The clients are able to feel “at home” in the facilities and have even created friendships with those they see on a regular basis.

The staff openly communicates with families and ensures that the treatments remain in check as the rehabilitation progresses. Unlike other facilities many of the clients are there for years, and not simply to regain strength after a minor injury. Many of these disabilities have life long prognosis and without the treatments would have a much less quality of life. My daughter Christy has gained strength and balance and maintains a normal height/weight ratio, which she might not otherwise.

We are grateful for the care and attention and degree of quality which we receive from Therafit.” – Kay Spain (Mother of Christy)

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