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Therafit Rehab is a christian based company. We are grounded on the principles that Jesus teaches and truly believe that The Lord is working in our Gym. We give Him the glory for the works that He performs each and every day for our patients. If you want us to pray for you please take a couple minutes to tell us about it. You can post below (no membership required or anything) or feel free to email us at info@therafitrehab.com

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  • deb young says:

    Wanting prayers for my daughter lynn. We have been going to therapy at the one office. And love the people there. I really need to find a way to get the quadriciser for at home. So I need prayers for a way to get her insurance to pay for it. And a machine that she can stand in and walk. Like a gait trainer I think it’s called. I have faith in my daughter and if I fight for her she will walk again. But I can’t do it all my self. I suffer from fibromyaga. And in pain everyday. We need to find a great place like the therafit close to home. So lynn can go everyday.

    • Gina Della says:

      Deb, we have added Lynn to our prayer list. I am sorry to that we do not have a facility in PA so that her insurance will pay for her therapy sessions. I know she enjoyed working with the therapist and she was doing so well. I will check to see if we can find any grants that would pay for a Pacer Gait Trainer! Thank you!

  • Dhanya says:

    Please pray for a 17 year old girl from our Church who was knocked down by a car on Monday 27th September. Her name is Grace and she and her pntares and brother attend our Church she has been a baby-sitter for my three young children.Grace has been very badly injured in the accident, and her condition is critical. She has suffered very severe head injuries and is currently in an induced coma in hospital. The Doctors gave her pntares very little hope, but 4 days on Grace is still with us and fighting hard for her life. She has started to show some positive signs some hand movements, a cough, etc, but it is likely to be a long haul, so please pray for a miracle.Please pray for calm and God’s peace for her pntares and family. Her mother witnessed the accident so please pray that she remains strong.Please also pray for the doctors, nurses and other medical staff involved in Grace’s care and treatment.Many people are already praying for Grace her family and friends, our Church, other Churches locally and elsewhere, prayers are being posted on social networking sites such as Facebook, even strangers are praying when they hear about her.Please spread the word about Grace’s plight and ask as many people as possible to pray for Grace and her family. Please ask God for a miracle and to help Grace recover fully from the awful injuries she has received.

  • anonymous says:

    Dear, Heavenly Father. I know you are the God of the impossible. All things are possible through you God. For this reason, I’m praying for the salvation of Eli. Please, God, touch his life, bring him to you. Be relentless in your pursuit for his soul. In the same way Isee him passionate about the things he loves, I see him passionate about You God. In the same way I see him teach so well, I see him teaching people your word God and touching other people’s lives. I see Eli serving You and praising You God. Give him a strong want and need for You God. Give him a taste for all things that come from you and disgust toward all things that displease you. Keep him away from sin and from sinning and put the right people into his life that will bring him to You. I pray this to be true for not only Eli, but for all of his family and for all the friends and family who read this who are praying this same prayer for their loved ones. Let it be true for them, too. Thank you so much for your miracles. I pray in Jesus name, Amen. I believe and I receive this miracle.